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About TiVi5MONDE

America’s first and only French language kids network!

TiVi5MONDE is America’s first and only 24/7 French language children’s network. Delivering cartoons, educational shows, and teen series, all 100% commercial free, TiVi5MONDE is the ideal destination for children and tweens ages 4 – 12. Whether they are native French speakers, learning the language, or just love to be entertained, your kids will love all the unique TiVi5MONDE programs – always en français!
Characters like Mademoiselle Zazie, Nouky, Helveticus and many more will soon become your children’s favorite friends. Young ones will love the yoga and relaxation exercises presented in Yooga and teens will get swept away with Totally Spies, three high school students recruited as government secret agents.
TiVi5MONDE is for parents, too! A captivating and engaging experience for families to enjoy together, TiVi5MONDE is great television for everyone!
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