C Jamy

( Season 2022 )
Arouse our curiosity, question the everyday things that surround us to enlighten us on a wide range of subjects, including the most surprising, nothing escapes the thirst for knowledge of Jamy and his friends.

Presenter: Jamy Gourmaud.


La pâtisserie française, un savoir-faire unique au monde
French patisserie, a know-how that is totally unique

Where did the first "pastries" come from? Which pastry chef made them famous? And what's the link between a Paris-Brest and cycling? Jamy and his team indulge us with stories and anecdotes about the pastries that helped to make French gastronomy famous.

Presented by: Jamy Gourmaud.
Le Québec : les secrets de la Belle Province
Quebec: all the secrets of the "Belle Province"

It's both the name of a city and a province the French adore, and for good reason, everyone speaks French: Quebec. But why do Quebeckers speak the language of Moliere? What is the history of the region? And how to use some of the best expressions unique to Quebec?

Presented by: Jamy Gourmaud.
Les épices : une histoire piquante !
Spices: a history rich in flavour!

The spices we eat on an everyday basis come from far away. The fruit of hard-won conquests, objects of desire and trade wars, they spiced up the history of France, but not only. Jamy and his gang reveal all the secrets of these seasonings from far-flung lands!

Presented by: Jamy Gourmaud.
Dauphins : pourquoi nous fascinent-ils ?
Dolphins: why do we find them so fascinating?

Dolphins are particularly surprising mammals. They not only live in the seas and oceans, but also in certain rivers. Renowned for their speed, aerial acrobatics and legendary familiarity with man. Jamy and his team explain why we find them so captivating.

Presented by: Jamy Gourmaud.