New series!

Alix et les Merveilleux

( Season 1 )

Beneath her staircase Alix discovers a passage that leads to a fantasy world peopled by surprising characters. In this strange universe, the young girl full of imagination finds escape and lives a host of incredible adventures in the company of Hatter and his friends, the Wonderfolk.

Directed by: Martine Boyer, Guillaume Lonergan, Pierre Lord, Geneviève Poulette (Canada, 2019)
Cast: Rosalie Rosalie Daoust (Alix), Jean-Philippe Lehoux (Hatter), Cynthia Wu-Maheux (Mummy/Rabbit), Luc Bourgeois (Daddy/Hare), Marilyn Castonguay (Lorie/Big Boss), Alex Desmarais (Léo/Humpty-Dumpty), Didier Lucien (Walrus), Martin Héroux (Chief)