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( Season 1 )

Wishing he had a survival guide for his final year of secondary school, Clovis decides to make one for future generations.

Clovis, still in a relationship with Gabrielle, begins his final year of secondary school with no idea on how to survive it. And since Fanny's return from China, things have been complicated. What he really needs is a survival guide, so he decides to create one for the generations to come.

Directed by: Francis Piquette, Yannick Savard (season 1, Canada, 2019)
Cast: Sam-Éloi Girard (Clovis), Shanti Corbeil-Gauvreau (Fanny), Jade Charbonneau (Gabrielle), Xavier Roberge (Greg), André Kasper (Tarek), Antoine Marchand-Gagnon (Victor), Lévi Doré (Zach), Rose-Anne Déry (Sophie), Rosalie Vaillancourt (Alexandra)