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Les Mutants

( Season 1 )
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Vu de mes yeux
25 min
With my own eyes

Léo and Zoé have to return to the barn to recover Léo's phone. Meanwhile Tom gets to meet Agent Paquet who helps pick him up after a bike accident.

Directed by: François Bégin (season 1, Canada, 2019)
Screenplay: Annie Langlois
Cast: Rémy Girard (Zoubi), Mathéo Piccinin-Savard (Léo), Vivi-Anne Riel (Zoé), Alfred Poirier (Marcus), Philippe Scrive (Tom), Jade Brind'Amour (Nicky), Jean-François Beaupré (Paquet), Aurélia Arandi-Longpré (Lila), Salomé Corbo (Julianne)