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Lotus et Cali

( Season 1 )

Lotus and Cali live a host of fabulous adventures, each crazier than the last during which they explore the world of a different literary genre. Always brimming with imagination, the two friends dive in with contagious enthusiasm.


S.O.S. Plante
S.O.S. plant

Chopin has entrusted Lotus and Cali with his darling plant. But caring for it is far from easy; it has to be fed on poetry and the two friends have run out of inspiration.

Directed by: Martin Cright (Canada, 2021)
Le choix du héros
The hero's choice

Chopin invites Lotus and Cali to live an extraordinary adventure that will make them heroes. Unfortunately, Cali's fondness for food leads to dissension.

Directed by: Martin Cright (Canada, 2021)
Passion papillons
Butterflies flying by

Lotus wants to help Cali overcome his fear of butterflies. Chopin pulls out his fob watch and suggests hypnotising Cali.

Directed by: Martin Cright (Canada, 2021)
La force extravégétale
An extravegetable force

Lotus and Cali worry about Chopin's odd behaviour, he seems to be held under the power of some very strange vegetables. Trying to intervene, Cali finds himself under their control as well.

Directed by: Martin Cright (Canada, 2021)
L'énigmatique sphinx
The enigmatic sphinx

Cali wakes up a sphinx who challenges him to solve three riddles in order to gain access to a hidden treasure. Lotus enthusiastically agrees to play the game with him.

Directed by: Martin Cright (Canada, 2021)
Robot Cléo
Cléo the robot

Cali receives a present, a robot that sorts books to put them in the right order. But just as Lotus thought, the robot turns out to be much less helpful than expected.

Directed by: Martin Cright (Canada, 2021)